Hurdles in Seeking Skating Art



Transworld Business report after conducting analytical experiment displayed the core ground of failure of people in seeking skating art as they do not know how to skate. As maintaining balance, pushing, turning and tactic of stop are fundamental technique and no one can gain sound grip without proper training and practice. Skateboard lessons are catering all needs and delivering a great strength of experts who are relinquishing the true taste of skate.

Expert teachers know very well how to polish your hidden skills. Skateboard classes have accomplished numerous classes as compare to any other skating institute in the world. Over 5,000 have become professional instructors. Our spectrum of skating art is as wide as we have presented our services in 4 countries, 50 states and main US cities.

Instructors have Delivered 15,000 Skating Lessons

Owing to our dedication, motivation and commitment, we are deemed a leading one in the sphere of skate schools in America. We are enjoying the acme of true respect and fame. In past as well as now, we worked with different governments in the rest of the world as city of Chicago, the Government of Ireland, the city .of Lexington and many more, because we carry out the desired tasks within given time frame.  Besides this aspect, we have got opportunity to do job with well known celebrities in this regard.

1-on-1 Lessons in Your Driveway

We are increasing the periphery of our services to such extent even you can be beneficiary and can be expert. Just approach us and you could get our classes it does not matter in which corner of the world you are living. We make you dedicated yourself to 1-on-1 instructions. As per rule, we do not let newcomers’ students to join camps. The safe side for such guys is to secure benefit from private classes as it could enhance their learning capacity.

Best in Industry

Our valuable services have energized the most famous games like X-Games, Gravity Games, and all over TV. This aspect has bestowed us privilege in industry. Along with this, we offer Platinum Plan for those who feel irritation in group classes. Here you can get private classes.

Learning Programs on Video

For facilitating skating lovers in seeking the ways and means of skating art, we present learning programs through videos. You will be surprised to know how perfect these videos contain instructions and you will be master of the skateboarding. 3.5 million People have watched these videos that have verified the authenticity of given directions and information.

Something about Owner of Skate School

It matters the most either owner of any industry or school is himself/herself proficient in the related field or not. If yes, he/she could run the institute in excellent comparatively non proficient. Rob Dunfey is owner of the Skate School who is known personality in this arena. For guidance the skate lovers, he has delivered lectures on NBS, FOX,, and ESPN.Com. Being a professional skater, he has competed in the international skating contests. By seeing his unmatchable skating skills, the government of Ireland has hired him to secure benefits from his inborn skills.


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